Spotlight On: 2018 Extreme 4WD Champions

A good result at both the Dryandra Chase and the Mid-West Challenge earned Brad Krepp the top place in the Extreme 4WD class for 2018.

WAORRA Extreme 4WD Driver

  1. Brad Krepp
  2. Leigh Cooper
  3. Adrian Brestovac
  4. Peer Horn

WAORRA Extreme 4WD Navigator

  1. Blake Pugh
  2. Andrew Sawyer
  3. Jade Armstrong
  4. Daniel Jones
  5. Callum Elson
2018 Events News

Spotlight On: 2018 Production 4WD Champions

The Production 4WD class put in a solid effort during this year’s club championship, with Trav Epis and Blake Pugh taking out the honours following firsts at Bencubbin and the Mid-West Challenge.

WAORRA Production 4WD Driver

  1. Travis Epis
  2. Tim Murray
  3. Darren Schultz

WAORRA Production 4WD Navigator

  1. Blake Pugh
  2. Shaun Murray
  3. Barry Schultz
2018 Events News

2018 Triennial Vehicle Inspections

In accordance with CAMS, Australian Off Road Commission (AORCom) requirements, all competing vehicles are required to have a thorough inspection by a qualified scrutineer once every three years.

We are holding an inspection for all WA competitors on Saturday 3 February 2018 to make sure vehicles are ready to race in time for the first event of the 2018 off-road racing season.
Bookings are essential – please check your log books and let us know if your vehicle is due for an inspection by Thursday 1 Feb. 
2018 Events News

Event Update – Mogumber 240

Due to extreme wet weather conditions the Mogumber farm will not be able to be used for Round 5 of the 2016 CAMS, PGS Industries Western Australian Off-Road Racing Championship.

We are currently working to secure another property close to Perth to keep a State Championship Long Course event on the weekend of 20-21 August. Supplementary Regulations will be published on our website and Facebook, and sent by email as soon as details are finalised so watch this space for a new venue (hopefully one with less mud!).

Thanks goes out to all the committee, club members and event organisers who are assisting with making this possible.

Photo: Emma Scott