CAMS Licenses and Log Books

We currently run all of our events under Motorsport Australia sanctioning, both for State Championship and club-level events. That means competitors need valid Motorsport Australia licenses, and vehicles need valid Motorsport Australia log books, to be able to enter an event.

Competitor licenses

To apply for a Motorsport Australia competitor license, check out the information available on their website:

If you are just starting out as a driver, you will need to do an observed driving test. You can arrange this directly through the Motorsport Australia Stewards just before the start of your first event. For more information about observed driving tests, please contact the Clerk of Course for the event (you can find their contact details on the event Supplementary Regulations).

If you are unsure about which license you need, or how to complete your observed driving test, please contact Motorsport Australia for more information.

Vehicle log books

Log books contain information about the vehicle and record its competition history. To apply for a log book, contact a Motorsport Australia-approved Scrutineer and arrange an inspection of your vehicle. Then download and complete a log book application form from the Motorsport Australia website.

If you have any further questions, you can find a list of Western Australian Motorsport Australia-approved Scrutineers and their contact details on the Motorsport Australia website.