Rules and Regs

Motor sport is dangerous. As such, there are a few rules and regulations that we need to follow. Read through the following links and get familiar with the details – this is all the information you need to know before you can even sit in a race car!

Event rules and regulations

Our events are held under the provisions of:

Insurance for our events is provided in accordance with Appendix I of the Motorsport Australia 2018 General Regulations.

Supplementary regulations are issued by the organisers of each event and contain information specific to the event, e.g. course description, running order, event penalties, etc. They are usually published a couple of months before the event and are available on the 2020 events pages.

Further regulations, instructions or bulletins are sometimes issued by the organisers of an event if some of the running details have changed. These are also available on the 2020 events pages.