State Championship

The 2016 CAMS PGS Industries Western Australian Off-Road Championship (WAORC) is a series of six long course off-road racing events held in Western Australia. Championship points are awarded at each event and the best five point totals count toward the outright and class championships.

A group of members from each of the WA off-road clubs forms an advisory panel that meets regularly to decide on standards for WAORC events. The WAORC Sporting Regulations are published at the start of each year, and these, along with other CAMS regulations, form the rules that we need to follow at our events.


This year, the WAORC will be running a Tri-Series within the six round state championship. The four clubs agreed that each year, three rounds will be selected to be a part of this series, with each club taking it in turn to have their events involved in the series. For the 2016 season, the three events chosen are Perenjori 360, Carnarvon 360 and the Kalgoorlie 400, with WAORRA first in line to select an event to be part of the series in 2017.

To give all competitors an equal shot at winning the series, average finishing positions within classes across the three events will be used to decide the positions for the series.

Prize money will be on offer, with $1000 for 1st place, $700 for 2nd place and $450 for 3rd place.