• Mogumber 240

    Badgingarra 250

    20-21 August 2016 – We are pleased to announce a mud free event in August! Round 5 of 2016 CAMS, PGS Industries WAORC will be the Cochrane’s Transport Badgingarra 250.

  • mark-cramer-marsue-transport

    Bencubbin 360

    4-5 June 2016 – One of the fastest tracks in WA, the Marsue Transport Bencubbin 360 is a tough, gruelling, long course event that covers land across three farming properties.

  • 2016 Duke of York Hotel Narrogin Chase 2nd Outright 22 Grant Payne

    Narrogin Chase

    23-24 April 2016 – The only short course event in WA, the Duke of York Narrogin Chase is action packed and close to Perth, making it great for spectators.

  • 968-brad-cooper

    Carnarvon 360

    25-27 March 2016 – Held over the Easter long weekend, the Carnarvon 360 is made up of long 45km laps over hard surfaced station tracks, fence lines and roads.

  • perenjori-360

    Perenjori 360

    5-6 March 2016 – Held in the northern agricultural region of WA, the Rod Hatter Memorial Duel in the Dirt Perenjori 360 is a hot and dusty endurance race.

  • Charity Ride Day

    Charity Ride Day

    21 February 2016 – Our favourite event of the year, where kids from various charities and their families enjoy the thrill of a ride in a race car around the Harvey short course track.

  • Kalgoorlie 400

    Kalgoorlie 400

    9-10 July 2016 – The longest race in the WAORC, and with its dry and dusty conditions, the Kalgoorlie 400 is a true test of stamina and endurance.

  • Three Springs 330

    Three Springs 330

    24-25 September 2016 – Held in the WA Midwest region, the Three Springs 330 is made up of a tough 55km track that travels along the shores of the Yarra-Yarra Lakes.

  • Gascoyne Dash

    Gascoyne Dash

    20-23 October 2016 – The Gas Dash is a challenge across some of the harshest and most remote country in Australia. Who will be crowned King of the River?


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