Club Memberships

Have you got what it takes to be an off-road endurance racer? If you are interested in joining the Western Australian Off-Road Racing Association, here’s what you need to know.

There are three types of club memberships available:

Individual $50

You get:

  • A membership card that allows you to obtain a CAMS license (1)
  • Automatic inclusion in the club championship series each year (2)
  • Voting rights at meetings
  • Invitations to any social events
  • A subscription to e-newsletters

Family $100

Designed for a family where two or more family members race. All family members must reside at the same address. Each racing family member gets the same benefits as a single member.

Single Event $20

Designed for members who might be taking a break from racing but just want to compete in one event per year. You get:

  • A membership card that allows you to compete in one event
  • A subscription to e-newsletters

The fine print

  1. In order to hold a CAMS license you must have either a single membership or a family membership.
  2. All racing members (i.e. drivers and navigators) will be eligible to receive points towards the club championship series.
  3. Committee members receive a free membership for the year/s that they are active members of the committee.
  4. All memberships run from the date payment is received in full, and expire on 31 December of that year.
  5. Memberships are confirmed on receipt of both a membership form and payment in full.

How to apply for a membership

There are two ways to apply – either online or using a printable form.

Submit a membership form online            Download and print a membership form

How to pay for your membership

Once you have submitted your membership application form, you will need to provide payment. Our method of payment is by EFT (BSB: 036-078, Acct No: 123224, Name: WA Off Road Racing Association). Don’t forget to include your name as the reference in EFT payments.

Your membership will be confirmed after we receive payment in full.

More information

If you have any further questions, please contact us by email