Shelley Howe

In celebration of the 2017 International Women’s Day, we’d like to highlight some of the women on the WAORRA committee.


Shelley Howe.

When/how did you get involved in motorsport?

I’ve been going to off-road races since I was about three and as a kid I used to ride my bike around the track and help mark and de-mark. When I turned 14 I started navigating and from age 16 I had the occasional drive in the family race car (I had to fight my dad, brother and sister for the drivers seat!).

Over the past 20 (ish!) years, I have helped out with various positions on the committee and at events, including Newsletter Editor, Club Secretary, Event Secretary, Timekeeper and Clerk of Course.

How are you currently involved in motorsport?

I’m currently looking after the club’s website, social media, communications and media.

What do you like most about motorsport?

For me, off-road is all about family, it’s a place where our family camps together, races together, breaks and fixes things together, and gets into mischief together! Oh and getting dirty and the adrenaline rush of course!

What was your first street car?

1976 Mazda 929.

What do you think are the pros/cons about being a woman in motorsport?

I experienced a few challenges in the role of Clerk of Course – there can be some issues with having a female in charge of a group of fiesty competitors, but honestly, I think those competitors would be fiesty no matter who was running the event. Apart from that – I don’t feel like there is a divide between male and female competitors at all, females are just as competitive!