Emma Scott

In celebration of the 2017 International Women’s Day, we’d like to highlight some of the women on the WAORRA committee.


Emma Scott.

When/how did you get involved in motorsport?

1985… In utero. That equates to over 1000 hours of travel as far as Finke, over 300 games of eye spy, 13 Pink Floyd albums and then the Best of’s, 18 tent fatalities, a number of F bombs, and honestly some of the best family memories and friendships of my life!

How are you currently involved in motorsport?

I am currently Social Director for WAORRA, occasional photographer, pretty good pit crew if it doesn’t involve anything mechanical and navigator… On the odd chance that our buggy is actually going.

What do you like most about motorsport?

The simple answer is I just Love it! Just like some people like football, tennis or yoga – I love going fast!

It has been my life… It’s my family – nothing beats it!

What was your first street car?

VK Commodore.

What do you think are the pros/cons about being a woman in motorsport?

I don’t think there are really pros/or cons… I’d imagine its no different to being a man. Except I can’t pee standing up and Hans devices hurt my boobs.